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Why I’m Running

Before I decided to run for this seat, I had conversations with my neighbors across Gwinnett County, and I heard the same concerns. We all want our children to come home safe every night, to feel protected in our communities, and to have confidence that our elected leaders are doing the right thing. But too many people have lost faith in our criminal justice system and the individuals who are leading it.

As a prosecutor, I know something about accountability. My job has been to hold some of our most violent offenders– murderers, domestic abusers, and sex offenders– accountable for their actions. But accountability goes both ways, and if a prosecutor isn’t doing their job, it’s time to hold them accountable by voting them out.

As Gwinnett County’s next District Attorney, I have a plan to tackle gun violence, to improve victim advocacy, and to build stronger community partnerships to reduce crime in Gwinnett County. It’s time we had a Democratic District Attorney with the experience and vision to lead us forward. That’s why I’m running.

Gwinnett needs a true advocate who knows how to fight for justice.

My Priorities

A Safer Gwinnett

Violent crime needs to be addressed with experienced leadership. Andrea will focus her team on violent crime and repeat offenders and hold them accountable while utilizing alternative treatment courts for low-level, non-violent offenses.

Fighting for victims and survivors

Survivors deserve a voice. Andrea will implement a resourceful approach to criminal justice by advancing victim services to ensure survivors have a chance to heal and thrive while determining ways to reintegrate offenders with dignity.

Accountability with second chances

Justice should not be based on access to resources. Andrea commits to addressing desperate and risky behavior that leads to low level nonviolent crimes by focusing on job readiness, food insecurity, and rising costs of living. Addressing these factors that escalate to becoming a convicted felon and offering low level non violent offenders a form of accountability through sentencing alternatives is key to a safer Gwinnett.

Access to justice

Crime must be addressed systematically. With the rise in crime, we can no longer just react after the crime has occurred. We must implement a strategic path to crime prevention by bridging the gap between the needs in the community and resources, youth education and community awareness. Andrea will be an advocate for resources in our community.


Meet Andrea

Andrea Alabi is a Gwinnett County native, first-generation American, mother, community leader, and an attorney with almost 15 years of experience, including 12 as a prosecutor.

After putting herself through law school at Pennsylvania State University, Andrea got her start as a defense attorney before beginning her career as a prosecutor. Previously an Assistant District Attorney in Gwinnett County, Andrea currently supervises one of the largest prosecutorial offices in Georgia as Chief Assistant Solicitor General in Fulton County. In all, Andrea has handled over 1,000 cases and 75 jury trials. She has handled child sexual abuse cases, countless domestic violence cases, and she has never lost a single homicide case.

As Gwinnett County’s next District Attorney, Andrea has a plan to get tough on violent gun crimes; advocate for victims who feel left behind; and work with the community to reduce crime– not just pay lip service to criminal justice reform.